This Adorable Tiny Home On Wheels Really Proves - Downsizing Doesn't Have To Mean Downgrading!

Have a look at this cute tiny house that was built for a family of four. Believe it or not, many smaller families are making a move to tiny houses on wheels. It's usually in an effort to simplify their lives and reduce living expenses so they can spend more time with their kids instead of having to work all of the time. The cost of living has gotten much higher in recent years while wages tend to stay the same in the US which causes a lot of people to not be able to afford a simple home or apartment. That's why tiny houses on wheels are so great because they give people and families the opportunity to start fresh with their very own home that they own with no debt, or very little debt attached. On average a tiny house on wheels will cost around $50,000 US depending on the size and the additional items added to the tiny house design. Larger tiny houses will, of course, cost more than smaller ones and designs with more luxury features will cost more than ones that use generic or even discounted items to keep costs low. Tiny Heirloom is a tiny house building company that focuses on using some of the best, high-quality materials around, so their projects will probably be on the higher end. But if you need to stay within a tighter budget, they could also probably help you out with that.

Tiny Heirloom is a family run business that creates solutions for people who want to start fresh in life with freedom to go anywhere they want with a tiny house on wheels. These tiny houses are perfect for those who aren't sure where they want to settle down yet, and they are also great for people who move around a lot for work. The company also has experience in residential construction which is what makes their tiny houses so great. They also worked hard to put all of the luxuries of a regular sized house into their tiny house designs so that people embarking on their new life living in a smaller home wouldn't feel like they had to give up everything to go tiny. They noticed that there weren't many others doing this in the tiny house building community, so they decided to bridge the gap and as they say, "downsizing doesn't have to mean downgrading". With their tiny houses, people can even upgrade as they are downsizing which might sound impossible, but once you see their homes, you'll understand.

Inside this cute tiny house design, you'll see that there is everything that a family would need to enjoy a very comfortable life. This tiny house design is called the Beachy Bohemian Tiny House from their collection of custom builds, and it's so adorable. It features two sleeping lofts, one for the parents and an area for the two kids to play. On the main floor is the kitchen, bathroom and living area, as well as a little nook with the kids' bunk beds which work so well for their sleeping arrangements. The kitchen is bright and colourful with pops of blue and yellow in the gorgeous tile work. They even have an apartment sized fridge and a regular oven and stove top in the kitchen to make cooking family meals super easy. In the bathroom, they even have a nice bathtub made out of a cool galvanized steel basin that's usually used as a trough for horses. The tile work in the bathroom is also beautiful and really gives the space a luxurious feeling. Check out all of the photos and see if you could live in a stylish tiny house like this one.***

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