This 323 Sq. Ft. Tiny House Has Translucent Wall That Brings Tons Of Natural Light, But Provides Complete Privacy! How Is That Possible?

Check out this cute 323 square foot tiny house. This project was an affordable build creating a nice, modern economical tiny house design. They mostly used wood for the construction of this home which makes it very attractive. Raw pine wood was used as the main material, and a polycarbonate panel wall was installed to bring in more natural sunlight. It's a great choice because it's translucent but not transparent, so the dwellers still have privacy. You can also use this type of material in bathroom doors or elsewhere to bring in light to smaller spaces where privacy is still needed. This particular tiny house is a cabin built on a property with a larger house. Many people like to create an accessory dwelling unit like this on their property to use as an office or studio building or to have as a guest house or a rental unit. In this case, both the tiny house and their main house are available to rent out for travellers exploring Guanaqueros Village in Chile. The living room even has a view of the ocean creating a peaceful, relaxing environment.

The cabin was built in only a couple of months by one person, and they did an amazing job of taking some pretty basic materials and making it all look great and stylish. Inside the tiny house, there is a nice open living, dining, and kitchenette area that share the same space. This is desirable in a tiny house because the fewer walls there are, the more spacious the home will feel. Plus, it also cuts costs on materials. The kitchen has the bathroom beside it, and the bedroom is just down a pathway. The bedroom features lots of closet space which is great to see in a smaller space and shows you that you don't have to downsize your wardrobe. There's also a cute little outdoor area by the bedroom too. If you wanted to recreate this floor plan for full-time small house living you could expand the living space and make a smaller patio too. All of the windows in this tiny house are nice and large which also helps to bring the outdoors inside and creates a feeling of expansion in the house. They also created higher ceilings too, which also adds to the feeling of spaciousness. So if you ever create a tiny house design, bringing different design features like this will help make it feel larger than it really is.

If you're thinking about building a tiny house, and you have a piece of property, you're all set, but if you don't have your own piece of property, you'll have to buy some. Or, you can always see if you can build a tiny house on a friend or family member's property to use as a cabin or as a full-time residence if possible. The other option for small house living is to build a tiny house on wheels which is completely portable and will be easy to take wherever you want to. You can usually park a tiny house on a rural piece of property, but people are finding a bit more difficult to park within city limits. A tiny house on wheels is also a great idea for a guest house or accommodation rentals as people love to try out different things when they're travelling. Have a look through some of the other great photos and posts on Home Improvement Inspiration and see if you're inspired to create your own tiny house or make some improvements to your existing home to make it more stylish and functional.***

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