They Dedicated Their Lives To The Nature, Which Inspired Them To Make THIS! Unbelievable!

The Bird's Nest unique small house plan is a tiny cabin design worth taking a look at. The tiny cabin design owners have dedicated their lives to the preservation and the education of wildlife, most specifically exotic birds. For the story behind their unique small house plan, the designer wanted to create a tiny cabin design that felt Gathered, like their own Nest. The exterior of the small house plan was covered with reclaimed wood pieces that were salvaged from a local home design on the demo list. There was no pattern, just a random install, like a bird would do when they build their nest. For the sofa cushion, they took discontinued fabric swatches and then sewed them together. The windows for this unique small house plan are from the local surplus store, and the metal ceiling tiles were also salvaged. Faux Panels were provided with the stone paneling used in the kitchen and the bathroom. You are sure to fall in love with this unique small house plan.

Reclaimed wood is popular building material used in unique small house plans for many reasons. Reclaimed wood has an exquisite and unique look. Some of the benefits of reclaimed wooden building materials include its environmental contribution as a recycled green building material, along with the historical aspect of the reclaimed woods origins and character, and reclaimed woods physical attributes such as strength and durability. In the past, wood was used as the primary building material because it was something that was strong, relatively inexpensive, and abundant. Today, however, there are certain types of wood that are no longer available except as reclaimed wood. The rarity of some of these reclaimed woods will add quality and value to your tiny cabin design or project. Wood can be reclaimed from a wide and diverse range of sources. The most prolific supply of reclaimed wood comes from old buildings such as barns, warehouses and factories, which contain large volumes of wood, often oak, pine and chestnut. This wood s often in sizable pieces which makes wood from these buildings the most flexible regarding future use. Wood can also be sourced from railway sleepers, storage vessels and fences to include beer casks, wine barrels, potato containers and pickling containers. These produce timber that has great depth of color and unique patterning.

The positive environmental impact of using reclaimed wood and timber grows every year. Using reclaimed wood is recycling at its high end best. Reclaimed wood and timber is a wonderful green building material, and by using these reclaimed and recycled woods, you will help to preserve the natural resources and also to lessen the burden on the landfills. With custom milling facilities, reclaimed wood can be recycled into flooring, post and beams, staircases, and trusses that will be stunning additions to any unique small house plan or remodeling project. The historical character of the reclaimed wooden building materials is unparalleled. Antique hardwoods physical attributes cannot be matched by any other contemporary building product that is found in todays marketplace. The majority of the historical structures that reclaimed wood and timber come from were built with virgin growth timber, which had hundreds of years to grow before anyone touched them. In some cases, the timbers and wood from which the boards were cut have been slightly expanded and contracting for over a century, which further adds to their extraordinary strength and durability.

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