These Shockingly Beautiful Vacation Tree Houses Are Out Of This World

You will want to take a look inside of the Burl Tree House located in Fall City, Washington State. This charming small house design has everything you need for a romantic overnight stay. Located in the rainforest, the Burl Tree House design is like something out of a fairytale; this is one of a unique small house plans you will find. This tree house has a walkway through the trees, and two stories to enjoy your view within the trees. Covered in cedar shake shingles and lots of windows, this is just one of the small designer homes you will find on the property. The Burl tree house has a second-floor cozy bed and lots of comfy details like colorful pillows and rugs to make your stay in the trees all that you can imagine. This is exactly as you would imagine a small house design in the trees to be, made with all natural building materials just like the large trees that surround this natural small house design. Log railings, stained glass lighting fixtures and lots of wood throughout make this a unique small house plans you won't soon forget.

These charming small designer homes and unique small house plans are made with high-quality wood, windows and doors so you know you are getting the best small home plans to stay in. Staying in unique small house plans like these tree houses is a good chance to see what little houses are all about. Small designer homes and unique small house plans aren't just for staying on vacation, for some people they are used for full-time living, guest houses and artists studios. You might consider small designer homes as some of the best small home plans for when company comes over, and you want them to have unique small house plans to stay that are separate from the large house. Or maybe you'd like a to try designing a small house to use as your backyard artist studio or writers cabin, a small house design that is away from all the noise of your busy house, a place to be inspired by and to get your work and creative things were done. You can also use micro houses, little houses, or unique small house plans for vacation homes, located on an ocean view piece of property. The small designer homes options are endless. With unique small house plans like gingerbread cottages, tiny beach shacks, cob cottages, garden sheds, houseboats, and modular homes. Along with tiny cabins designs that are prefabricated homes, wind-powered homes, and more. When it comes to small house designs, there are more to choose than ever before.

This is just one of the unique small house plans you will see on the "Tree House Point" site. The small house design company was created in 2005 by Pete Nelson, who had been building tree houses unique small house plans for 20 years. He says he began building tree little houses, when he was five years old, building his first tiny tree house with just a hammer and a screwdriver (with the help of his dad. He and his small designer homes have progressed through the years, as he learned from each unique small house plans and each tree. Living in Washington State, and always in searching for property, he came across four parcels of land, being just under four acres, that were available in Fall City. The land was very close to his home, along with a neighboring property with a lodge/home that was also for sale. It was at this time that the idea for his own Tree House Bed and Breakfast was born. *

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