No, This Beautiful Tiny Home Is Not In Paradise, It's In The Woods Of Maryland

This astonishing little house, called The Hob, can be found in Maryland, and nestled in a pretty part of a little woods. It has all the appeal of a secret dwelling, made with reclaimed materials made functional and reusable with todays super technologies. Hobbitat is the company that makes these little homes, an aptly named design and building company. Each home is unique, and made specifically for the customer that wants one built. Tiny homes such as the Hob, built by Hobbitat are becoming increasingly popular.

There are plenty of reasons that the tiny home movement is increasing in popularity, and that homes of this tiny size are being found right around the world. In places that are over crowded, such as Japan and China, we might think tiny homes make perfect senseand there are plenty of them being designed and built in those countries. But other countries are seeing a huge increase in these homes, too, for all sorts of different reasons. In some cases, in places such as Vancouver, Canada, where house prices are among the highest in the world, people are turning to tiny homes as a way of being able to afford something to live in. In other places, people just want to travel, and mobile tiny homes allow them to do that. Often built of super durable and also light weight materials, these homes are not too costly in terms of gasoline costs to move them to different parts of the world. Still other people want a home that is more sustainable and also that uses less materials and so does not waste limited goods such as trees or other materials. Sustainable living has become increasingly important for more and more people.

Whatever the reason might be for a tiny home, the movement has gained momentum in the past ten or twenty years, or so. If a tiny home is for you, check out this web site which offers links to all kinds of designs and builders who can help you to make something for your own needs and the needs of your family. The styles and materials are as fascinating as any you will see in a regularly sized home. In some ways, these tiny homes might be even more interesting. That is because the size can sometimes allow for special things that you might not be able to afford in a regular home. For example, in a tiny home, it is unlikely you would have more than one bathroom, and then, a small one. But that can mean you can entirely customize the shower and bath and use upper end materials for it. That can mean some very special finishings in your home that are entirely unique to your place. The same can be true for the flooring. In many cases, the materials are reclaimed and refinished using modern technologies and so they will last a life time, as well. Check it out for yourself, soon. Find out more about these homes and many others at the website, Fox News.

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