Living ANYWHERE You Want Costs Only $36,000 With This Charming Tiny Home On Wheels

This Tiny Living homefrom Tiny Home Builders Costs only $36,000 and gives way to mobile charm and rustic living.

Tiny Home Builders is owned and operated by Dan Louche. Dan began his business in 2009 with a passion to start building tiny houses. At that time he was inspired to design and build a tiny house for his mom, who still lives in and loves her tiny home. Part of Dan's business is to help others prepare, plan and build their own tiny house. As a very detail oriented person, Dan has written a book Tiny House Design and Construction Guide, which serves as an aid to facilitate the process of building. He has a gift for sharing information and empowering others to live tiny!

The design "Tiny Living" requires only a bit of finishing, the main aspects being some plumbing and cabinet work. The asking price is a very reasonable $36,000 for the completed house, however there is room to decrease that to $34,000 should you desire to complete it yourself.

The interior design showcases quality workmanship and quiet nuances of creativity in design. As a finished product, you could make this home contemporary with a few charming components. Or what is more often the case is to decorate in a rustic elegance, using local products and live materials that are warm and inviting. Whatever your design style, you'll be mesmerized by the exceptional design and attention to detail that exists with ever Tiny Home Builders product.

At only 160 square feet, minimalist living will be a necessity and for most this is a lifestyle change that produces nearly endless positive changes in ones life. Tiny houses, empower you to live with less and embrace the components of life that are truly valuable. Chances are those valuable components do not include the lime green throw pillow you just had to have at Walmart yesterday. However, we all learn and are reminded daily to take it all in, life is short and the people around us are the real treasures!

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