5 Ways To Use Apples You Probably Didn't Know

Even before times, apple has been one of the second most popular fruit after banana in our country. They are actually grown in every state, therefore it is already local for everyone. Apples are extremely delicious but not only that, it has strange and amazing uses as well.

There are actually a lot of amazing uses that an apple can do. Not just only five but plenty. One of it is, it keeps cake fresh. You might wonder and be shocked about that. Yes, you read it right! Store a cake with a half size of an apple and it will eventually keep the cake nice and moist; just be sure to use an airtight container. Second, roasting a perfect chicken. If youre planning for a family gathering or preparing a roasted chicken for dinner or over the weekend, stuff a whole chicken with an apple. The apple will keep it moist while cooking and just discard it afterwards. Third, loosen up brown sugar. I guess it was your first time hearing this aren't you? Well, simply place a apple wedge in a bag of your hardened brown sugar and seal it tightly. Wait for about a day or two and youll be amazed about the result of being soft again.

Aside from that, did you ever know that apple can re-freshen your face? According to study, apple reduces inflammation as well as the appearance of fine wrinkles in our face. Apples pectin, is a natural aid to ones beauty routine. It has been said that the estimated daily intake of it is approximately 5 grams thus making it a soluble dietary fibre. So for an instant way to brighten up your face, you may grate a peeled and cored apple. Apply it to your skin and leave it for about 15 minutes and rinse it off with warm water after. Lastly, an apple can ripen an unripe fruit. Apple gives of ethylene, a gas which speeds up ripening. Sounds intriguing? Try to place an unripe tomatoes, banana, etcetera in a clean paper bag with an apple on it. Youll probably be amazed with the result from green to sweet and tender.

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